Monday, January 25, 2010

A busy couple of weeks!

Site updates and news:

The calendar is now up! Go to and have a look. It'll let you know when I'm available for phone sessions. If there's nothing on there, I might sign on but it's not guaranteed. If it says NOT AVAILABLE pick another time. If it says Appointment Block you can schedule time. Please note that I will not *start* an appointment after the time listed as available, but I can and will run over!

I've got a bunch of the next few weeks showing my availability. There are even some daytime slots! Check it out!

Also, the schedule is up at the FFF site. I'm planning on attending the following:

Friday 20:00 - Hypno SIG
Friday 23:00 - Neko-chan
?Saturday 12:30 - Neko-chan
*Saturday 20:00 - Room induction
*Sunday 11:30 - Erotic hypnosis 101

The ones with a star I'm presenting, the one with a question mark I may or may not attend. I'm not going to be doing a lot of personal interest stuff at FFF (that's for DO!), since the munch group pulled so hard for me to attend. I want to be available and in public! But there's so much here for even a novice to D/s, so don't miss it!

Wednesday I'll be recording Museum Heat, Peaceful Sleep, and possibly a third... Requests?


  1. Gee, maybe we should record another dual inducton since we'll both be on hand. ;^)


  2. I just re-downloaded "Weight Management" from CDBaby, and the files included are still wrong. Can you please fix this?

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  4. Roger, please email me privately and I will send you a link where you can get the file. I can't seem to get CDbaby to make it right! It's bothering me more than I can say, and I want to apologize profusely.

    Wiseguy: You are so on, if we have time!

  5. I've tried to find an e-mail link for you, and can't. You can just e-mail me, though:

    Thank you.

  6. Please? I'm feeling ripped off, so far.