Friday, January 15, 2010


Taking a break from rewatching Dead Again to blog post. Sometimes I just love the research I do for podcasts, really I do. And I have to take a break, because I had to take a shower after watching the first hypnosis scene.

I recently went over to the Inraptured site, and I'm trying to decide what I think of it. I'd been asked to go there before, but there were some people that, quite frankly, struck me as bugfuck crazy there. On the other hand... well, I don't know how active those people are any more, and there are a lot of tranceplayers who still aren't familiar with me after all this time. Guess it's time to go let them know!

If you're already a member there, feel free to post reviews of my work. I don't want to tell a whole bunch of new members to join up and spam reviews, because that's tacky, but if you want to join and post your feelings I'd appreciate it.

Another post later today with more firmed-up FFF and DO and Frolicon news!

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