Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don't go into trance just yet...

Someone tonight, a person who plans on meeting me at NEEHU2, said something about how he didn't want to disappoint me because he wouldn't be enough of a challenge for me. He thought he'd go into trance too easily.

I have news for people: there is no such thing as too easily. If there was, I'd be soooo bored with Jukebox by now... and everyone knows how I feel about my beautiful pet!

Honestly, having someone go into trance the moment I sit them down for it is incredibly hot for me. There are few things I enjoy as much as laughing and saying "Wait, not yet, I have to demo the pre-talk!" or "We need to negotiate!" or something similar.

So please, don't worry about being too easy for me. It's just fine for you to go into trance exactly as fast as you want to go. I can always bring you up if we need to do more. That's perfectly OK. I give you permission, when the time is right, to be hypnotized as deeply, as quickly as you need.

And enjoy it.

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