Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the last two months...

I've been to North Carolina twice, presented at the first LeatherFET, waited for the birth of a family member, hypnotized my Chosen and pets, almost had someone walk in on me during sex, lost my voice, and worked on planning NEEHU2. I am so very relieved that the holidays are over!

I loved the presents I got from my Amazon wishlist for the holidays too. I am thrilled to have finally gotten the portable hard drive, some tights, a teddy, and a lovely velvet top/dress!

I am also getting ready to set up a home recording studio. WinterRose and RattieMattie showed me theirs, and it's quite a nice setup! It'll make it much easier for me to work from home. Podcasts and free recordings will become much more plentiful!

I am so happy to be past the holidays and back to regular work! The next meeting of the FOCUS group in Minneapolis will be Thursday the 20th of January. RSVP to me at ladyr - at - blisstrance - dot - com or on Fetlife in order to get directions!

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