Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just posted to my mailing lists...

This is what I wrote on realmofbliss - at - yahoogroups dot com and emcpodcast -at- yahoogroups -dot- com (man, I love confusing bots!):

It always amuses me how, when I actually post to the lists, I get a small flurry of unsubscribes. And perhaps you might need to be on one list instead of the other, or on both.

The EMCpodcast list is a commercial-free zone (with the exception of, because I think their service is of value to the sex-positive community and I don't get any favors for mentioning them). I may announce where I'll be speaking realtime about hypnosis, but it's the place I designated to talk about hypnosis in general. If people don't post to the list, they probably won't get a lot out of it.

The Realm of Bliss list is for what I'm doing, my services, and general chatter related to me specifically instead of trance in general. We may talk about trance in general there too, of course. I reserve the right to give notices about my products, services, and other stuff on there. :) In this case, too, how much you post will influence what you get out of it.

I admit to being bad with mailing lists. I'm enjoying twitter, because I like to chat, and if you're not following me there you might want to (I'm Ruetha over there). But I'm making a commitment to reviving these mailing lists this year. I'm also committing eight hours a week to the podcast - recording, editing, and posting. There WILL be more podcasts. Depend on it!

I hope you'll join me and post!

To this I'd like to add: Please comment on this blog and on Jukebox's! The more you comment, the more inspired I am to write and record! :)


  1. I try to keep up with everyone's blogs.

    Oh Wish granted. Do you know which one it is?

  2. Not a clue... but I'm pondering yours! :)