Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's Go To Bed: A True Story

Last night I went to bed a bit after Jukebox. He's never been one to have trouble going to sleep, so he was already cozily snuggled up in the blankets. (He's native Minnesotan. I think that's why when I get to bed he always resembles a contented burrito. Disentangling the covers is something I need to do every night, and it never fails to make me giggle.)

As I finally got the blankets to the point I could get under them, he roused enough to purr and snuggle his back up against me. I whispered in his ear, using one of my favorite keyed-to-me triggers for him. "You are deep asleep. This is all a dream." He echoed my words, drowsy and obedient. I knew I had him. Sleep had shifted to trance. Time to play.

I wrapped my arms around him and began to play with his nipples softly. "Strong and submissive. All your strength is turned to serve me." I began to program him, brainwashing him with my words and the heat of the pleasure. "You are a strong man, and I own you. All your strength is turned to serve me. Your deep self serves me blankly and without thinking. It feels so good to serve me."

His toneless repetition of my words began to mix with gasps as his hips rocked. My nipples rubbed against his back, sending warm pulses of heat through me. Far hotter to me, though, was the blankness in his voice. Over and over, I brainwashed him, programmed him, reinforced my control. Some of the commands I gave him are ones I give only to my Chosen. Some were for him alone. When I finally allowed him to come, he whispered over and over "Goddess... Goddess... Goddess..." as he must.

When he was done, he slumped back against me, boneless and limp, the trance deepening even further. I checked in with him: "Tell me something you need me to know."

He responded "I am so blank. I am still coming." The shakiness of his voice and the whimper told me that yes, my beloved Chosen's orgasm hadn't finished, no matter what his body said.

I took his hand and placed it on my breast. As he has been trained, he began to caress. The rest of his body remained immobile. "What's happening to you, pet?" I whispered.

The shakiness was gone. "I am blank and deep and i am going deeper i am hypnotized and made blank by your beautiful breasts there is only going deeper..." Monotone, hypnotized, each word simply coming from his lips without thought.

I allowed him to continue to caress my breast as I brought myself to orgasm, listening to him speak, programming him deeper. As he must, when I came he came. Every time. Until our bodies were both relaxed, melded together, in love, perfect.

We fell asleep that way, his mind as asleep as it was when I got into bed, the covers now wound around both of us. As it should be.

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  1. sweet and hot and educational. triple play of hypno-awesome!!