Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The Blackberry posting is, indeed, working. That means I'm not tied to the laptop if something occurs to me while out and about. Which is great, because I tend to have fun ideas in the car.

Today in the car I was scripting in my head. When I'm working with someone live, I don't use scripts at all. I tailor the inductions to them. I find I have much better results that way. But when I'm recording, I find that it's far better to at least outline a script and read from it. I think I'm skilled enough to avoid the monotone "I'm reading this off a cue card" effect.

But before I can get to a final script, I end up going through a multistep process, and this is where I am deeply grateful for Copper and Kitty's patience. First, I record a freeform rough draft... what I would be doing if I was live with someone and they were reacting well. Then either Copper or Kitty transcribes that mp3. I polish up the script, record it rough, and get feedback. Then it's further polished, and then I go to the studio with it.

Right now I have scripts for several CDs and ideas for several more. I know I can put out a CD a month; I'm fairly sure I could even do two at this rate. Certainly I've got enough fantasy ideas to keep it going for a while.

I just wish there were more hours in the day!

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