Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Working on my book...

It's nonfiction, so of course it's going slowly. I am making progress, though!

In the meantime, here's a piece of flash fiction. Because I feel like it, that's why. :)


She held the rope taut in her hands, right in front of his eyes. "Bound."

His gaze went straight through the rope, unfocused. "Bound," he whispered. Dazed, dreaming, deep.

She looped a knot through the length, swaying the rope back and forth in his field of vision. "Bound and blank."

He repeated her words in the same soft voice, eyes moving just enough to follow the knot. His eyelids lowered with each pass. Finally they drifted closed. He was ready.

She slipped the cord over his shoulders, leaving it hanging loose. "Your mind is bound as I bind your body. Chant it."

"My mind is bound as you bind my body..." There was a moan in each word, a begging that increased her heat. Around and back and forth and through, she caught each wrist in a loop and secured them together. He whimpered each time the soft cord slid across his skin. Goosebumps rose. She smiled, running her fingernails over his thighs. He was already hard, but at her touch his erection jumped. The tip glistened with moisture.

"Good boy..." she crooned in his ear. "Good boy, going so deep for me." The ends of the rope slipped through the loop she'd first made. She tugged, letting him feel how truly he was caught. "This is what you've always wanted. To be bound for me, mind and body. To be truly helpless. Now your body knows what it feels. And every time I tell you you are bound, you will remember this moment, and your deepest self will carry you back to right here, right now, helplessly in my thrall. You are my toy. Do you understand?"

"Yes, yes my Lady, your toy understands..." His hips pushed, feeling the tension of the rope on his skin, thrusting out into empty air. She could see that he was almost ready. "Every time, your bound and helpless and enthralled toy..."

She wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Good boy. Now my toy comes for me. Now."

She held him as he bucked and cried out. Her embrace kept him from injuring himself or pulling the ropes too tight. As he settled, loose and limp in her arms, the firm grasp turned into a slow side to side rocking motion. "Deeper and deeper. Remembering this pleasure, this bliss always. Mine."

"Yours..." he sighed. And they could both hear the joy in the sleepy affirmation.


  1. Words fail me, so i'll just settle for, "Homina Homina Homina..."