Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sometimes it all comes together...

...and then sometimes it doesn't.

I started recording my About Dark Odyssey 2009 podcast tonight. I thought I'd have to stretch to get 25 non-personal minutes out of it, because a lot of what went on there was very personal. Not a surprise; it happens at any kind of convention. And I didn't do as much out-in-public hypnosis this year as last year.

Instead, I found that I'd need at least three podcasts to do it all justice.

I got thirty minutes in and I hadn't talked about trancing people Friday night, barely got to mention Wiseguy and Dani Fantom's wonderful dinner/hypno party, had to elide much of the hypnosis I observed during the rope bondage and flogging workshops... and didn't get anywhere close to the really interesting things I wanted to say about being in hypnosis and Domspace while having physical things done to you.

I'm re-recording tomorrow.

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