Monday, March 2, 2009

Refining written inductions

Jukebox is one of my pets, and I adore him deeply. It took a while for him to get comfortable with certain kinds of play. Sometimes, I can still see shadows of old fears peeking out. I do try very hard to deal with those issues head-on and address them.

He's been writing inductions for me off and on. Some of them, like "Imagine" and "Winter Wonderland," have already been recorded. Some are going to go onto CDs - "Relax," "Zero," and a few others. There was one he'd written that I just couldn't get into as originally presented, though: "Here Comes the Rain Again."

Most of the induction is absolutely fantastic. But there was one section in the middle where I could tell that J was trying to deal with his own fears. It wasn't obvious to anyone who didn't know him, but the way some things were phrased just didn't feel right to me.

This morning, we began the editing process. It was difficult for me on many levels, because I don't like to second-guess his talents, but I couldn't do it as written. Thankfully, J is good at taking constructive criticism and understanding it's not personal. I pointed out the specific phrasing with which I had issues and made suggestions for substitutions. Once it was pointed out to him, he understood and fixed the issue, even expanding the induction and making it longer.

I am thrilled with it now, and think it'll make a good short induction for CD or NiteFlirt. I won't put it out on the podcast; the one time I did that I had someone complain that it was a bit strong for them. This, even though the text of the induction is available on the EMCSA for anyone to read and see what they're getting themselves into in advance.

The best part, though, was that I was able to use this to reinforce his training. Once he was done, it was a simple matter to drop him into the warmth and get him all worked up, thinking hazily about how his words were going to be used to hypnotize someone else.

I am absolutely sure that part of him is already writing the next induction, so he can experience that kind of pleasure again. I can't wait to see what that induction is.

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