Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hectic, sick week.

Wonderful and yucky things all at one this week.


I think I have the flu. Not a G-I bug, I've been able to keep food down. But headaches, fever, achy body, wanting to sleep a lot and not able to sleep because of the fever. And I still had to go to work for my day job. I actually called out from doing things I wanted to do, including a meeting I should have attended. I haven't been to the gym since Monday. No podcast, either.

The fantastic:

Thrall. My goodness, thrall. This is going to be so much fun. I don't expect to have another pet, since she's taken and monogamous, but the fun of training her and teaching her is beyond words. It doesn't hurt at all that I'm a huge fan of her writing. Some toys, you get to keep; some toys, you just borrow and give back. Don't worry, thrall fans: I'll take very good care of her!

My website launched! It's been a long, long time coming. I'm thrilled with the look and feel. Go have a look! (In a new window. I'll wait!)

My CDs launched! See link above. I plan to do one or two new CDs a month, so watch for that!

Jukebox is back from his trip, and he blog posted as well. This post amused and pleased the hell out of me, because I can imagine exactly how he looked at different points. Yummy.

More tomorrow. I have a lot of places I have to announce the launch!


  1. 1. Sorry to hear about the flu. Death to the viral invaders!

    2. Congrats to you and thrall. It sounds like a wonderful match, esp. since it looks like we're going to hear all about it. We will, won't we? Pwease?

    3. Congrats on the website! It's soooper-shiny!

    4. Nice work by Jukebox, as always. Between youse guys and Wiseguy, i'm reeeally getting tempted by those sound-light machines.

    Happy Monday.

  2. oh to get over the flu, take loads of Vit D. seriously - it stayed away all winter when everyone was dropping like flies. do google it or i can send some links to how vital it is in considerable amount of the bodies functioning.

    i've always loved Thralls writing and wished i was in some of her stories. good luck to you two - she is precious.

    that also totally inspires me to start looking at hypnosis again, if you can break her barriers down then mine should be slightly easier.