Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slow joy

I got a bunch done on scripting today. I could have done more, but this nasty thing called a day job got in the way. Still, I'm feeling fairly productive.

Last night, I spent some time with Copper working on some programming. Copper is not just my pet, not just my love (though he is both of those things). His submission is a slow, joyful work in progress for me. Sometimes he gets impatient with his slow surrender, but for me he is and always has been worth waiting for.

Copper is a very analytical man, and he is also very private. I love to play in public; he was nervous to the point of safewording about playing anywhere outside of his room. But he longs to be controlled, longs to let go to me completely.

I've seen analytical people complain over and over they can't be hypnotized. Copper was the same way, but with time he's become incredibly good at going deep. it would have gone much faster were he not thousands of miles away.

And he is changing... flowering into my control. In a few weeks we'll attempt some things we haven't before. So far, the programming is going beautifully.

It's fun to brainwash someone, whether quickly or slowly. Programming Copper and binding him ever closer to My desires has been and is a deep, lasting joy.

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