Friday, May 28, 2010

By Her Command: Peaceful Sleep is released!

It's out! I'm thrilled beyond measure to be able to post this link. I've heard some really amazingly good things from people who have listened to it before CDbaby had it officially go live. (My favorite so far being Copper listening to it in order to create the sample on the webpage - he had a cold and had been having poor sleep, but while this was playing he ended up sleeping for 13 very needed hours!)

This brings the number of CDs I have out to 14, which makes me very happy. Especially because I have Museum Heat still in the queue, waiting on artwork! It's looking very good for my planned release schedule, which is 3-5 CDs a month. I am so excited about all of this.


  1. I bought and listened to BHC: Peaceful sleep, and though a few factors kept me from drifting off right away, I nonetheless greatly enjoyed the recording very much. I agree with the comment that Copper left on the CDBaby page, stating that it's the best recording you've yet released. I especially liked the inclusion of overdubbing and couldn't help but smile when listening as I remembered Jukebox's blog entry about being given permission. Cudos on continuing to improve the quality of your work and experimenting. By the way, would it be appropriate to suggest topics for future recordings?

  2. Thank you, and YES! Please do suggest future recordings. :) I know I won't be doing any humiliation recordings, because that squicks me out, but short of that I'm always willing to listen to ideas. :) Who knows where they might lead?

  3. Well I just recently found Lady Ru'etha recording, being the BHC: Peaceful Sleep was the second recording I purchase.

    Being a long time insomniac, the announcement of this recording was enough for me to purchase it (which I have done many other time from both hypnotherapy and femdom hypnosis).

    About the recording itself, I must confess that I wasn't familiar with Lady Ru'etha voice and style when I start listening to it, but as the nights went by, her voice became more familiar and both the Induction and the Suggestion were very well placed and made me feel much more at ease then with most hypnotists.

    Unfortunately, it didn't have the 100% result I wished, but it improved my sleeping routine quite a lot, and has a much greater effect then most other recording of the same type in my collection.

    Bottom line this is still the recording I keep in my iPod to help me fall asleep almost every night, and has been much of a blessing for me in the last few weeks.

    For that I'm deeply grateful.