Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back from the insanity, catching up...

So when I last updated, I had a lot going on in the next few weeks. Those few weeks have passed, and a lot has happened. Shocking, right? ;)

I just did the math, because I am a geek. Between 14-APR and 18-APR I traveled 980 miles. Between 21-APR and 23-APR I traveled 1306 miles. Between 28-APR and 3-MAY I traveled 3741 miles. Yep, that's over 6000 miles of travel in a little under three weeks. I think it's reasonable at this point that I'm tired! And that first 2286 was all by car... 289 of that last bit was by car.

Given all that travel, it's also unsurprising that at this point I've got a cold. Unfortunate, but unsurprising. But it's back to daily blog updates for me now. So, this week: tomorrow, updates on future travel plus session plans... Thursday, thoughts on Frolicon... Friday, perhaps recording a podcast instead!

Yes, I'm back. Maybe not fully back, but back...

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  1. WB! I just want to alert you to an omission in the Lady Ru'etha operating manual. Chapter 12, "Taking Care of Yourself" was omitted in the current version. The most important sentence is the last one: "When you have been going hard, you need to relax and allow others to look after you. This may not feel right to you, but it is critical to allow for optimal functioning."