Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Um, oops.

...or I could try to push through things, get myself REALLY sick, and end up not-so-happy.

Lesigh. Licentious Malady commented on my previous post that I needed to take care of myself, and boy, was he right. I tried taking calls again this week and ended up taking about an hours' worth total before my voice went right out.

I spent last night and this morning feeling sorry for myself, and then I got busy. I updated the website, adding in Aaronhalt as my new Chosen, links to all of Jukebox's current books, samples for my current CD/mp3s, and corrected a few things. I sent off mail to my graphic designer for the upcoming release graphics. I started getting the business going here in my new city. I updated my wishlist. (And a VERY DEEP thank-you to those who bought me things... you know who you are! Special love to @likeacaress. I am looking for a good yoga studio now!) And here I am blogging, because I darn well needed to.

The bad news right now is that I am probably not going to Dragon*Con this year. With the move on, it will be difficult for me to afford it... especially as I want to be in Atlanta two weeks after that for another conference. The good news is that CONvergence is on, baby! I will be scheduling a hypnosis meetup at that con... check here and on Fetlife for details. Also, the NEEHU (New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference) is also on. Posting on THAT tomorrow.

I also am going to be recording in about a week and a half. I really can't wait for that. I have a whiteboard on my office wall with a list of mp3s I want to make, and it's not even a comprehensive list!

If you want to catch up with me, do check Twitter. It's not for everyone, but I do tend to post how I'm doing on there. It's a lot easier to post 140 characters than a full, complete blog post.

More tomorrow.

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