Thursday, May 13, 2010

CDs, tattoo, and Frolicon stuff

I've been asked to hold off a day or so on posting the NEEHU stuff, simply because the online ticket sales aren't ready yet. I'll talk about CDs and Frolicon instead.

I talked to my graphic artist and will soon have art for many more of the already-recorded and in-queue files. CDbaby FINALLY has their uploader working, so turnaround times should be much faster now. As a result, I plan on sticking to a two-to-three file a month release schedule. If I can do more, I will. I have a whiteboard full of ideas on my wall now!

While I was on the Epic Trip Of Awesome I had another tattoo done. It's almost healed to the point I'm ready to take pictures of it. I honestly can't wait. I had it done at the same place I had my previous one done better than a decade ago, and I'm very happy with it. Sleepyhead was with me at the time, and we had a great time while I enjoyed the endorphin rush. (Poor Copper was so tired he was asleep back at sleepyhead's apartment. He needed the rest!)

Frolicon was Easter weekend. Yes, I know it was a long time ago! Without going into too many details, I can say that I didn't expect to leave the weekend with a new boyfriend and a new girlfriend... but that's precisely what happened. Sleepyhead and I reached a wonderful new understanding there, and the beautiful, beautiful lass who volunteered as my demo bottom for the EH 101 class ended up more or less following me home. If you have access to Fetlife, you can see a picture of her there.

I don't know why they did Hypnodave and Prism's class on advanced hypnosis first. It seems to be something of a trend to put the intro to hypnosis class last at these cons for some reason... at CONvergence the 101 session is the last slot of the Con! But they did, and then they put the robotic session and the chakra session. The 101 class was the last of the four hypnosis sessions. That said, the attendees were incredibly warm and welcoming. I had a great time playing out on what we soon began to call the Couch of Joy. It's this big, white couch along the wall near the escalators at the hotel. We did a lot of play out there.

I had a tarot reading, I had some play time with some folks I've known for years online and adore, I got to trance a couple of people a lot and many people a little. I got to watch some friends find new things they like and listen to some other friends have sex in the shower - because I told them to. (Now they're dating. YAY instincts!) I had suggestions for the con staff, and hopefully those will be taken into account next year. I do feel like the people to whom I gave the suggestions were listening.

I made some wonderful new friends. Some I'd been talking to on Twitter already, some were brand-new. One guy just sat by my feet while I petted his hair for what felt like too short a forever. (I loved it. Every second of it. He wasn't objecting either, from what I could tell.)

I don't know if I'm going next year, but I do know that it was a wonderful experience. I'm hoping that my new girlfriend will herself blog about our journey together over time, as Jukebox has done.

Hopefully tomorrow I can tell you more about NEEHU! It's looking like a wonderful event shaping up!

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  1. *smiles warmly* I actually just created my Dreamwidth account to journal about O/our new journey. i look forward to every moment of it.
    ~Your captiveprincess