Friday, May 28, 2010

A couple of blog posts that made me happy.

Because there's more going on in the hypnokink world than remodelling my/Jukebox's house and my CDs and mp3s, hard as my brain has to work to accept that at the moment...

This is a neat thread about some people exploring hypnokink together.
She's experienced in D/s, he isn't, but they're finding their way. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from them. New hypnokink relationships always make me feel so warmfuzzy.

Next, in the general D/s sense but so very very applicable to hypnokink, comes this post from MD in 617, a blogger I intend to start following. He's not into hypnosis as far as I can tell, but he IS into making sense. The post is about making yourself attractive to others online, whatever your particular fetish or weirdness might be. I wish this post was required reading for anyone new to the online kink scene.

Finally but not least thought-provoking comes this lovely post from thrall on self-acceptance. I honestly cannot wait to have free time to talk to thrall more and miss her very much, but her blog kinda keeps me going. When I finally get a few minutes free to read the other day, this post almost made me cry. It's beautiful. Give it a read.

More standard blogging later today, I hope!

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