Sunday, May 23, 2010

More happy news!

It seems CDbaby may have finally gotten the BHC: Weight file correct! The times for the tracks on the files look correct, the samples sound correct... I'm not going to make a big announcement right now, but everything looks clear.

Along the same lines, my graphic artist has gotten me the covers for Peaceful Sleep and the remaining Robotics releases, and they look fantastic. Even as I type, the finished version of "By Her Command: Peaceful Sleep" is uploading, and the art is already uploaded. I should be able to get that on sale sometime next week or the week after. She's also working on the artwork for "Museum Heat," so that'll be out sometime in early to mid-June. By that time, I'll possibly be ready to complete the Robotics series!

Today I went to a CONvergence Concom meeting, and I will be volunteering before the con and a few hours during the con as well. If you haven't seen the schedule yet, it's at this little link right here. I will also be holding some late-night hypnosis play, and will be announcing that here and on Fetlife. If you're planning to get in on Wednesday instead of Thursday and you're going to need airport pickup, please let me know as soon as possible so I can make sure it happens!

Similarly, I will be posting here and on Fetlife and a few other places when I make the decision on when the org meeting/first meeting for the Minneapolis Erotic Hypnosis Group will be. (MEHG just sounded better than TCEHG, sorry to those in surrounding areas! If you can come up with a snappier name so we can have a more fun acronym, please let me know!) I'm leaning toward June 7, but by the time I present at The Lab on June 2 I probably will have that settled in my brain and on the calendar.

Finally, but not at all last in my thoughts, sometime later today the tickets should go on sale for NEEHU! I'll post that information as soon as I know it's up, as soon as I'm up. (I'm not sure which will happen first.)

The next few weeks promise to be exciting. I am really looking forward to them!

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